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Dog people are the best people in the world. They are our kind of people. And after a lifetime of Labrador Retrievers and one amazing German Shorthair, all of whom helped us raise our kids, we now are owned by two Yorkies, one a rescue and one a gift to our son who is disabled.

The inspiration for TenCoats began with a simple idea. It was mid-winter - 24 inches of snow on the ground, the eighth worst winter on record. I once again decided to purchase coats for my furry kids, and once again, they hated them.

Then it hit me; I loved my own light-weight packable coat, so why wouldn't my persnickety Yorkies like one too?

I created the first coat, and "Tip", my loveable Yorkie who hated coats and always acted like he was being punished when he had a coat on, absolutely loved it. He wore it for days and never even acted like he had a coat on at all.

With the encouragement of my husband Dave, we began to develop packable dog coats that are lightweight, warm, durable, comfortable, affordable and convenient to carry along, no matter the weather or the activity.

We know you and your beloved dog kids will love them as much as ours do too.


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